Early Access Launch Party Event!

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Mar 302014


Today is the day! The time is now! Launch is only a few hours away, and we invite you to join the Livestream party at Twitch.tv/Deagen & Twitch.tv/Somaplays! During the next days we will do tons of awesome giveaways: ESO Imperial & Standard Editions, Logitech Gameware, Free Food Orders and even Homemade Cookies (not joking – made by Deagens wonderful wife Amy)

Are you participating in early access? Did you prepare snacks? Did you wait until the last minute to do your research and answer your questions? Have no fear! Pantheon has your back!

Check out our forums to find the information you need to get ahead of the pack! Head to the Addons section to find a recommended list of the tools you’ll need to make the game better! Have questions about builds? Go to Theorycrafting and check out builds other people will be running, or post your own build and get some feedback! Just need some guildies to party with? LFG will hook you up with other awesome people! And for the pride of the guild, stop by the crafting section, so you don’t get yourself killed without any gear.

Pantheon is here!

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Mar 222014


Welcome home all you warriors on the front lines and nobles that supply their needs! This is Pantheon!


We are a group, nay, a family of strong-willed winners. If you have yet to hear of our tales of combat, our songs that have made many a baby to be birthed, or read the reports left from our mischievous activities that have shut down 4 bars, 2 inns, and a temple, you very soon will!

Our unique blend of personalities and leadership bring a feeling of pride that is unmatched and unparalleled across the whole of Tamriel.


Band with us as we patrol the lands of the Aldmeri Dominion and decimate all who oppose us in Cyrodill!

All Cyrodill is Pantheon’s Cyrodill!

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